Curious about our annual ICA-CAM meetings? Want to reminisce about the excellent scholarship, lively conversations, and always-fun CAM parties? Here you can take a stroll-down memory lane. Enjoy!

CAM 2022 – Paris, France

The ICA 2022 conference in Paris marked a joyous return to in-person conferencing for many CAM members, while maintaining a robust hybrid experience for remote participants amidst the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. Online and offline, CAM members networked, presented research, and shared knowledge in a range of sessions and meetings. See memories from some of the in-person ICA 2022 CAM events below!

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CAM 2019 – Washington, DC, USA

The ICA 2019 conference took us to Washington, DC. CAM members presented the latest scholarship and shared their knowledge in a range of sessions, covering paper and poster presentations, hybrid high density sessions, and research escalator sessions. Check out the conference memories in the slideshow below!

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CAM 2018 – Prague, Czech Republic

ICA’s conference in Prague provided another unforgettable CAM experience. CAM sessions covered a range of topics, running from CAM classics such as sexy media and t(w)eens and parental mediation to topics that are beginning to make waves in the CAM space such as raising civically minded youth. CAM was also delighted to co-host the preconference “Trust, Control, and Privacy: Mediatization of Childhood and Adolescence in the Digital Age” held at Charles University in Prague.

Revisit the CAM 2018 moments by watching the slideshow below!

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CAM 2017 – San Diego, USA

CAM had another great annual meeting with its members in San Diego. This year, one of the highlights was the CAM-organized preconference, #inventintervent, which was designed to address the gap between academics and practitioners. A well-attended event, this preconference will be leading to several new CAM initiatives in the years to come. Stay tuned!

For the main conference, the CAM program consisted out of 2 Research Escalator Sessions,  4 Panels, 7 Paper Panels, 4 Hybrid High Density Sessions and 8 Poster Sessions. Watch the recap video below to get a feel for CAM 2017!

CAM 2016 – Fukuoka, Japan

Despite the distance for many of our members, CAM in Fukuoka, was a well-attended and highly engaging event. With a total of 19 interesting sessions ranging from traditional sessions, poster sessions, panels, and hybrid high density sessions, scholars shared and discussed the newest in CAM research. Check out the slideshow below to relive CAM 2016!

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CAM 2015 – San Juan, Puerto Rico

With the help of blue skies and wonderful water views, CAM in Puerto Rico was a memorable year. Our own Amy Jordan, in her role as ICA President-Elect, served as the planner for the entire ICA meeting in Puerto Rico, and it was a delight! Warm outdoor spaces for casual meetings, water-facing rooms for our 19 CAM sessions, and smiling faces all-around made for a fantastic CAM 2015. The slideshow below shares some of our most memorable moments.

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CAM 2014 – Seattle, USA

Seattle – the home of craft beer, delicious coffee, and the tasty Pike Place market played host to ICA-CAM in 2014. During this conference, CAM was proud to host 68 presentations. CAM also proudly co-sponsored the preconference “Public Scholarship Behind the Podium and On the Screen”. As the word cloud of presentation titles nicely shows, CAM is home to an array of topics all looking at the relationship between media and young people.


CAM 2013 – London, UK

CAM 2013 was one for the books! With standing room only in each our sessions, CAM members eagerly presented their new newest and best scholarship.  And despite the ICA umbrellas that everyone received, participants were lucky enough to have a few rain-free hours to enjoy the sights, sounds, and tastes (!!) of  London. Here’s a snapshot of our ICA-CAM award winners!