Tolulope Kayode-Adedeji

spotlight_toluGetting to know… Tolulope Kayode-Adedeji
Lecturer/ researcher at Covenant University, Ota Nigeria

What are you currently working on?

On 17th November 2010, the international telecommunications union (ITU) launched a new Child Online Protection (COP) phase. This new phase aimed to encourage the development of national COP centers, awareness campaigns and community forums to create a safe environment for young users of the Internet. Over half a decade after launching the initiative with specific guidelines for the key actors, there was no manageable understanding of the sway of each nation’s efforts towards insistence on or compromise of the safety of the child online. Hence, in 2016, I worked with other Covenant University researchers, to develop a composite index measuring child online protection. That is, a framework and methodology underpinning the child online protection index (COPI). The child online protection framework comprises four subindexes that measure the four key actors namely government/ policy makers, industry, parents/guardian/ educators and finally children. As a follow-up, we are now executing a diagnostic test to demonstrate the robustness of the new measure, and assessing the degree of construct validity. In addition, I am also working on understanding peculiar daily internet risks facing Adolescents in Lagos, Nigeria.

What has been your most memorable project so far, and why?

My most recent remarkable and impactful project is the study I cited above: Crazy Cyber World Construction of a Composite Index for measuring Child Online Protection COPI. The reason is that the Index provides a tool for an evidence-based approach to policy debates on child online protection. The Index also serves as an instrument that directly and promptly identifies needs and gaps in Nigeria’s child online protection systems. I also think the study creates an opportunity for cross-national comparisons.

Which achievement are you most proud of, and why?

I believe other great achievements are on the way considering my passion for research and impacting the younger generation through teaching. However my greatest achievement presently is the exposure I get through the conferences I attend to present my research papers, especially the one in Japan. China and Japan have always been a place I wanted to visit. Love the people. This is because there is no limit to the knowledgeable contributions allotted to my research papers. These contributions and discussions on the Conference floor have always added more value, relevance, knowledge and keep me fascinated by the depth to the younger generation. Surprisingly, understanding adolescents and children even becomes more complicated with the facilitation of global relationships and ICT. Knowledge acquired has, in turn, helped me in passing current knowledge to my students on pressing societal issues. It is really a good platform to carry current issues and reality to use in my teaching experience/exercises.

What is an important question from parents and practitioners that we as academics cannot provide a good answer to yet?

Personally, for me, it’s why a student is performing badly in their academic and this is because there are so many contributing factors to students’ bad performances which evolve at different times. The point is not that we can’t actually provide an answer to this particular question but that we are unable to identify the instance variables/feature mostly responsible for a students’ poor academic performance at a particular time. Yes, sometimes we get it right but most time we are not sure what the causes are. This is why the human study is difficult and also considering the changes in the nature of children and adolescents with media exposure and increasing global interactions attracting the younger generation. To be honest, their nature in all aspects of life continues to change and therefore a mystery to all.

What would be your work motto?

Investigate for the future to discover results of local and global relevance. There should be a significant purpose for steps, methods adopted in realizing an end, especially with an analytical mind. Analytical minds that keep asking questions with the aim searching for answers.

Which of your publications is your favorite, and why?

Actually, I have two favorite publications. The first was my first research ever when I came to the academics. The paper is titled: Application of ICT to Agriculture as a Panacea to Unemployment in Nigeria and Crazy Cyber World Construction of a Composite Index for measuring Child Online Protection COPI. This is because results obtained are necessary for scientific and academic innovation for future students.

If you had unlimited resources, what kind of project would you want to do and why?

I would like to do a comparative study of the nature of children/ teens from diverse continents online especially on social media. It will be interesting to understand the diversity that could exist, if any, among youths with a different background, environmental orientation, family upbringing and exposure.

If you had to give one piece of advice to young CAM scholars, what would it be?

When you think outside the box, you think impact and relevance

Who would you like to put in the spotlight next, and why?

I will like to choose Fashina Aladé.

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